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Hi-Purit SPE - NH2

Hi-PuritTM NH SPE is polar or weak anion exchange sorbent
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Hi-PuritTM NH SPE  is polar or weak anion exchange  sorbent As polar sorbent, NH2 is excellent for separation of structural isomers  . As weak anion exchange  sorbent,NH2 is good for retention of very strong acids Typical applications include Lipids, micotoxins Tube format is available in 6 tube sizes
Cartridge format is available in 10mg, 30mg, 60mg, 100mg & 200mg size

Phase Amino
Pore Size  60A    
Surface Area  500m2/g       
pH Range 2-9
Carbon%       7%
Volume of Pore  0.8cm2/g
Particle Size  50µ


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