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Hi-Purit SPE - C4

Hi-PuritTM C4 SPE is moderately non-polar,hydrophobic sorbent
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Hi-PuritTM C4 SPE  is moderately non-polar,hydrophobic sorbent, manufactured using a tri-functional silane and encapped to reduce the polar secondary interactions associated to reduce the polar secondary interactions associated with surface silanol groups, less retentive than Hi-PuritTM C8 based on non polar interactions and slightly more polar than C18 or C8 due to short chain length of C4 ,typical applications include compounds which are too strongly retained on C18 or C8 e.g. analgetics in blood, tube format is available in 6 tube sizes, cartridge format is available in 10mg, 30mg, 60mg,100 & 200mg size

Phase C4
Pore Size  60A    
Surface Area  500m2/g       
pH Range 2-9
Carbon%       8%
Volume of Pore  0.8cm2/g
Particle Size  50µ

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