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National chromatography, will provide customers complete range of chromatography day to day needs. NCI has its own custom syntheses lab, to manufacture its own stationary phases in bulk form.

HPLC silica:

 All our stationary phases are available in different particle sizes (2µ, 3µ, 5µ, 7µ, 10µ) Spherical or Irregular silica.  The pore sizes: (80A⁰, 100A⁰, 120A⁰, 125A⁰, 200A⁰, 300A⁰)

We have capacity to kilogram quantity of bonded silica as per our customer’s requirement.

All our Bulk media is developed in house at National chromatography Inc., Kentucky, USA.



NCI will offer its customers packed standard and custom sizes packing columns from Lexington, Kentucky, USA. We have the capacity to pack HPLC Columns up to 2mmID to 100 mm ID.

All our standard and custom made columns can be provided with in short time to complete their project in time.    

All our packed columns will match Batch to Batch reproducibility with highly sophisticated packing machine to match its performance and consistency result.

Do contact NCI for information about column packing services.



NCI will support its customers by technical advice for column selection assistance for Validation & method development needs. Please do contact on our e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.




 BULK MEDIA: Pioneer in Molecular Imprinted Polymer (MIP) and expert in Polymer chemistry.

 And NCI will offer Polymer Phases media SPE cartridges for its customers for Bio Analytical study for their routine Plasma analyses i.e. HLB (Hydrophilic, Lipophilic Balance) MCX, MAX, WCX, WAX ,SCX,SAX media. 


NCI SPE Cartridges are packed in Clean room facility, with all cartridges with Top frit /Bottom frit and sorbent filling has been Auto-made filling machine as per GMP compliance.  _________________________________________________________________________________FLASH CARTRIDES:

BULK MEDIA: All NCI Flash cartridges will be provided with Spherical silica and Irregular silica media for Purification 


All NCI cartridges are Radial packing method, this type of Radial packing will ensure cartridge to cartridge uniform packing with High purification output.



All NCI Glass Tubes are Type: 1, 3.3 Expansion Glass Grade, tubes are used to manufacture chromatography vials for HPLC and GC.


NCI has German make Auto-made 24 head vials making machine, all NCI Glass Vials are manufactured in-house with this machine of 2 to 3lac vials out-put with LPG/Nitrogen Plant in house.

About Us

NCI Manufactures : "HPLC Column, SPE Cartridges ,Flash Cartridges, Syringe Filters, Chromatography Vials & Packing Vials".