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Tips Box - TB

Made from medical grade Polypropylene
With shipment Free delivery for $0.00
Base price $110.00
Base price with tax
Sales price $110.00
Sales price without tax $110.00
Tax amount


  • Made from medical grade Polypropylene
  • Slippy su rfa ce with excellent design
  • DNase-free. Rnase-free. Non-pyrogenic
  • Filter and non-filterforchoice
  • Bag and rack are available to pack
Cat.No. Code.No. Specification
M6011220 MB10 Tips box for 10ul
M6011221 MB200 Tips box for 200ul
M6011222 MB1000 Tips box for 1000ul
M6011228 MB5000 Tips box for 5000ul

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NCI Manufactures : "HPLC Column, SPE Cartridges ,Flash Cartridges, Syringe Filters, Chromatography Vials & Packing Vials".