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qwe 9999

Ultimasyil C18 100*A

Ultimasyil column are packed with the silica gel having very high purity at 99.99% Sio2. Spherical
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ULtimasyil 100Å   Pore Size Columns provides adequate resolution & retention for most applications. In general reverse phase applications will require a lesser amount of organic modifier in the mobile phase as compared to 80Å Columns
Particle Shape: Spherical
End capped: Yes
Average surface area of: 375m2/g
Carbon Loading: 12%
Applications: In many applications Ultimasyil 100Å columns are equivalent to columns packed with Kromasil, Hypersil & Part sphere, extremely versatile excellent for method development or replacement in an existing method. Can be used as an equivalent to Phenomenex Luna, Waters Symmetry or Inertsil Ultra high purity Silica used available

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